Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend & Other Stuff

For Family Home Evening we bought a little ginger bread house kit (which is the best invention ever). We, or I should say Matt and Amber, put it together last night. It was way cute. They were both totally in to it (as you can see by the pictures). I wish I could have taken a “before” and “after” shot from last night to tonight of the actual finished product. Half the candy is gone already, and NOT because of me (big surprise, I know!). Amber has enjoyed un-decorating (eating) it as much as decorating it!

Christmas is so fun this year. Amber freaks out at every Christmas song, at any Christmas lights, snow, candy canes, ANYTHING to do with Christmas. Turning on our lights each night is just as exciting as the night before. I went to Target the other day to do some Christmas shopping, and each isle she’d say “LOOK MOM, A …” She wants every toy possible (which is weird, she didn’t even notice toys about a month ago…funny how fast things change).

Thanksgiving was great, as always. It is my absolute favorite holiday. I love all the food (stuffing and pumpkin pie especially), but more importantly I love the long weekend, and the time spent together as a family.

(Emily & Issak-cousins of Amber)

Matt and I have a tradition that the Friday after Thanksgiving, we go up to the Uintas and chop down our Christmas tree. We’ve done it six out of the seven years we’ve been married (even last year at 38 weeks pregnant!). We spend the whole day looking for the perfect tree. It’s such a fun tradition; Libby loves it just as much as we do. She honestly knows when we are getting ready and gets so excited. This year was ten times easier that years in the past because there was NO snow! We drove right to the spot, when usually we’re hiking several miles in a day. It was way cold though, so we all stayed in the car while Matt & Libby chopped it down.

It was great. Saturday Matt went hunting with a friend. Matt wasn’t successful in getting a deer, but his friend was. They drove in his friends Hyundai Accent, and so the deer had to fit in this tiny little car. I laughed hysterically when they got back to our house, and there was this deer, sitting in the back of a tiny little Hyundai Accent. I had to include a photo. Sorry for all you anti-hunters, but rest assured he kills for the meat, not the antlers (as proven by his rack!).

Parker the Walking Man

It's official, Parker now walks! He prefers it to crawling, but hasn't mastered it yet so he'll quickly fall to the floor and cruise to his destination. Yesterday was his first official day taking steps with out any help. I can't believe it! Where is my little baby? I tried to get it on film, but of course every time I started to record he'd fall to the floor. He is pround of him self though, and knows he's a big boy. He tries to walk as fast as he crawls. It's so funny to see him get out of control and often wipe out. He is a dare devil! Today, he was climbing from Amber's little chair to her little craft table--there is like a 2 foot gap between the two, but it didn't stop him. He biffed it and hit his chin, but didn't cry and tried again until it was mastered. What a crazy kid!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Silver Lake

Last Sunday we took a little hike around Silver Lake with the kids. It was such a beautiful day and warm! I have loved this warm weather. Sorry to bore everyone with all the kids photos, but these pictures are meant for family out of town to see what they're missing out on!

Happy Halloween-A Little Late

So if you recall, my last blog I made a statement that went something like "having two kids close together really hasn't been bad..." well, the past week has been INSANE! I take that statement back! Amber has decided she no longer naps, and instead likes to destroy at least one major item per day. If I take my eyes off her for a second, she's in to something. She used to be so good and would just hang out and not get in to anything! As I look back on the past week, I'm reminded it all started with Halloween. We put her candy up in the cupboard and next thing we know she's pushing the chair over so that she can reach the cabinet and help herself. I don' t think it ever really dawned on her before to be mischievous, but now she has a reason to be. Despite that, work has slowed down dramatically but I can't seem to get even one appraisal out within a week. My time to work was during Amber/Parker's nap and since Amber doesn't nap anymore I am limited when I can work. I try to go to the gym in the AM, and evening is nuts with dinner, Relief Society stuff, Primary meetings, family stuff, etc. When do I work?! I'm going crazy! Poor Matt and the kids (I think I've said that in previous blogs as well).

On to happier, more uplifting topics, Halloween was really fun. Amber was totally in to it this year which makes it all the more fun. Amber was Ariel and Parker was a pea in a pod. His costume was WAY too small, so the poor kid was scrunched and couldn't move (it reminded us of poor Ralphie on A Christmas Story). I think the costume was intended for 0-6 months when they can't crawl!

We went trick-or-treating with Sara, Mike & Will and with Ashley & Anna. It was too dark to get a photo of Ashley & Anna when they arrived, so sorry! Props to Sara for constructing Mike's costume in 24 hours. Way to go! He looked great! I wish you could see Montana's costume. She was a spider. She was dang proud of it too. What a cute little family!

Later we went to Matt's parents to say hello. We ate more candy, along with pizza and donuts. Honestly, I can't imagine how small I'd be if I could just have a little self control! Why do the holidays bring on such yummy treats? Below is a picture of Amber & Parker and their cousin Issak. We had a great time though. We didn't get many trick-or-treaters though. Matt stayed home while Amber and I went out, and he said maybe 12 groups came over. That's nothing! I bought good candy too! How unfortunate that it's left for me to eat.