Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm so behind!

Where to begin? This is how I do the blogging thing...I don't have time to check or add stuff daily, so it comes in huge spurts. I seriously wonder how anyone has time to keep up with it all. Let me begin with this past weekend and work backwards. Isn't that how you're supposed to do it, most recent first since it's fresh on the brain? Anyway, this was a great weekend. Matt and I both participated in the Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon/Bike Tour on Saturday. Matt's race started at 6:00 AM and the 1/2 started at 7:00. Thank you Lee & Debbie (Matt's parents) who drove and got to our house by 5:20 AM so that we could be to the starting line on time. We couldn't have done this otherwise! Matt did the bike tour last year, and we cheered him on at the finish. I was so determined to to the 1/2 the next year. It was so inspiring to watch all the runners come in. So at the last minute I signed up and ran it. It was a great course and the perfect weather. I ran with my sister-in-law Mandy and with Stacie. Mandy sped off at the end so she finished just before us. Here are some cute pictures taken of Amber and Parker while we were on our way to the finish.

Here is Matt after he finished his leg. He did great, and finished with the third pack. It technically wasn't a "race" but Matt enjoyed pushing himself to finish within an hour.

So if you read my Moab post, you know why I'm running in with Amber. She was devastated I didn't run to the finish with her in Moab, so we definitely ran in together on this one. It was a lot of fun, and she ran the whole way and didn't slow me down at all! It was a great race, and I felt great afterwords. I loved running with Stacie and Mandy, and the time flew by. I seriously want to do a race once a month to maintain the long distance runs. We finished around 2:02. I haven't checked my official time yet, but I know it's somewhere around there.

The Zoo

On Friday we were able to go to the zoo with my sister Carrie and her kids. It was fun to spend the day together. We bought a zoo pass this year, so I'm sure there will be several pictures of the zoo as the months go on.

This is Kiley. She is such a cutie, I had to add this picture. I didn't really get any good ones of the rest of her kids. They are super cute though.

Carrie has a picture of her kids doing this pose each year they go to the zoo to see how much they've grown. Thanks for the idea Carrie!

Amber actually took these pictures. Not bad, huh?

So on Thursday I was able to go with Mandy and her preschool to the living aquarium in Sandy. It was a blast, and totally worth it. Amber and Parker both loved it, and Parker would open his mouth really wide at each exhibit and point like "WHOA!"

Happy Birthday Skylor!!!

On April 9th Matt's sister Amy had a new little baby boy, Skylor. I was fortunate enough to be there for his birth. It was AMAZING! Thank you Amy for sharing that moment with me! I was truly honored to be there. I cried when he came out. It really is so amazing to hear their first little cry and see their little body. It's just amazing, that's all I can say! He is so cute and so far is really mellow! Congratulations Amy & Anthony, and big brother Issak! I get to watch Issak on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so he's my little buddy. It'll be fun to get to know Skylor more when Amy goes back to work and I get to watch him.

March 23rd
Happy Birthday Nate & Happy Easter

Here are a few pictures from our Easter. My parents had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday the 22nd. What total chaos, but what a blast. So many kids! It's so fun and I wouldn't want it any other way, but I'm sure all the kids could be heard from blocks away. Parker FREAKED out if we tried to take his candy away! Thankfully each child had 4 eggs each, so the candy amount was kept to a minimum. It's fun having kids at an age where they understand what's in store. They both were so excited to find eggs and loved opening them by themselves. I learned the hard way last year that buying too much candy is a HUGE mistake. This year, we bought one bag of jelly beans, one bag of chocolate eggs and 2 Reece's Pieces bunnies for us all to share. That was brilliant. No over eating on any ones part. I swear last year I bought one of each. We had bags and bags of candy. What a mistake. Guess who ends up eating most of it-ME. Easter was fun. It was strange to think what has happened in a year. Last Easter we had an Easter egg hunt in my parents yard. Joyce was there, feeling well and had cute little Jake. Her hair was growing, and it seemed all was well. We have a little footage we took of the hunt, so it's strange to think what can take place in one year. I'm so glad we have footage of her though for Jake. What a priceless memory!

Happy Birthday Nate! Can you believe these cakes my sister-in-law Katie made? I know Mandy & Chelsea can relate, but again I just don't know who has time to do these kinds of things! My kids are lucky to get a little Betty Crocker mix with pink/chocolate frosting. If they're really lucky, they may get a cupcake too.

Eric my brother had just returned from Mexico on business and brought back this "Luchadore" mask. He was able to go to an actual Luchadore event, what a blast I'm sure. Straight out of "Nacho Libre."

About a month ago or so, Parker found a little hair elastic of Amber's. He knew right where it was supposed to go. You can barely see it, but he placed it perfectly on his head.

Well, that's the past month in a nut shell. I bet I'm the only one who's read this whole post, but it's for my own benefit! Now that I'm done, I'll have to spend the next several days getting caught up on all of my friends & family. Boy have I missed out!