Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday Steve!

My oldest sibling turned 40 last week! It's crazy! I remember when some of my friends parents turned 40. He'll always be 30 to me! Mandy threw a fun 80's party to celebrate on Saturday. The house was decorated in an 80's theme, filled with pictures from his high school dances, framed pictures of "The Cosby" family, "Silver spoons" infamous one liners from classic 80's movies (Karate Kid, Three Amigos, Sixteen Candles, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.) She even made a little backdrop in the entry way for picture taking. I think the best prop was Steve's Letterman jacket hanging for all to see. We had such a fun time. We also had a music lyric challenge, guys against girls. It was 100 different songs with a few words missing. I have to admit the girls did quite well. We didn't win, but we weren't far behind the guys either I was pretty proud. The party was a hit. We all had a blast. It was fun to dress up. Here are just a few of the fun photos:

What's classic about this picture, is it is EXACTLY what Carrie looked like my whole life growing up. It was all about the stripes, hair pulled half up, big loop earrings. The only difference is her glasses are much smaller. Carrie even brought along with her a photo of herself in Jr. High that looks the exact same. What a trip down memory lane.

I think this was my dance leotard. Glad to see it's still getting use 20 years later.

These are friends of the family from Utah State, the Palmers. Steve Palmer was a roommate of my brother Steve, and his wife Amy lived in the same building as Mandy and I, so we know her as well. (Mandy was my roommate from USU, I was trying to line her up with my brother Steve from the start...it just took a few years...)

I wish I had more pictures of Matt. He looked like he stepped straight out of an Iron Maiden concert from 1983. We have the DVD to prove it. It's interesting Matt puts on Spandex any chance he gets (dress up parties, bike rides/races at least 5 days a week!) (:

One of the funniest moments of the night, was as the party was winding down several hours after it had started. He took off his wig, and we heard this gasp from some of Steve's friends that had never met Matt before. I think it was quite the shock to go from crazy hair to practically no hair.

This is my brother Eric with Matt. I laughed so hard when he came in to the party. I especially loved he purposely stuck his gut out as far as he could.

Here are Steve and Mandy. What a fine couple! Steve is Hans/Frans (we're going to pump you up...from Saturday Night Live).

Here is Carrie and her husband Jason. I think Jason was super excited about his new shirt!

Here are my cute parents! My dad was a bishop/in the bishopric during the 80's so he was used to the suit and tie. Pretty clever!

Got to love the family photos from the 80's. I wish I had more of these. My mom has all the real classics, you know from Jay Lynn studios. We're all wearing shades of pastels (pink, blue and white). If these images were bigger, you could see all my brothers flexing as best as they can.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Arizona-Memorial Day

We had the best memorial weekend in Arizona this year. Thank you Brian, Julie and family for being such great hosts. We had such fun time being with family in warmer weather (although it was cold for Arizona...70's and 80's, but better than rainy and 50's at home). We got there Friday evening and went to dinner together. Saturday we woke up and went to the zoo. It is the coolest zoo. It has an open viewing area of monkey's so you are able to be within inches of them. You can't see well in this picture, but when Amber saw this monkey she said "Hey Mom, that monkey is scratching his privates!" It made us all laugh.

The zoo also has a 2 year old orangutang. She was being so cute and playful. It was fun to watch them.

The kids had fun playing on the tractor equipment and petting the goats. You're actually able to go brush them and pet them. How cool is that?

This is Sari, Issac and Ben, Brian and Julie's cute kids. They were so fun to be with and get to know more. They are such good kids, and were so helpful with Amber and Parker.

These are all the cousins just before leaving the zoo. We had a great time. The weather was perfect. There was so much to see! We loved the ant eaters (who knew they were so huge!), the bear, chimps, monkeys, the green river (literally it was bright green), the petting zoo, and the turtles.

My mom's parents are buried in Arizona, so on Sunday we took the drive to the cemetery. In the past, it's been about 125 degrees (no joke) so this was a much more pleasant trip. This cemetery is amazing. It's only for war veterans. It's acres and acres of headstones with flags, all for vets. It really is quite the site. It's amazing to see how many people in Arizona alone fought for our country. Every grave site had a flag, so there were literally thousands and thousands of flags, all perfectly aligned.

How cool is this Corvette? I don't remember the year, but my Aunt and Uncle just bought it. We went to visit them Sunday night at their new house. Their house is so beautiful! I should have taken pictures of it. It's a traditional hacienda, with a courtyard in the center of the home, adjoining all the rooms. It is seriously amazing. So anyway, shortly after we arrived my aunt pulled up in this. I was speechless. I would love this car! I didn't take it for a test drive, but should have. I may have never come back.

Brian and Julie have the best yard. It's huge first of all, and has a sidewalk all around the perimeter. It's perfect for riding bikes, scooters, Rollerblades, etc. They have a trampoline (the highlight for Amber, I think even more so than the pool), and a swimming pool. We had such a fun time. Brian and Julie kept asking what we'd like to do while we were there. We were happy as could be at their house just hanging out in the beautiful yard, and playing with all their fun toys. I can't say enough how much fun we had. It's nice to be one on one with family. When we get together for Christmas/holidays it's in sane!!! (Just look at a small sample from Amber's birthday party, that's only half!). We wouldn't have it any other way of course, but it's fun to be one on one and spend quality time together. We were so sad to leave. We were spoiled.