Friday, October 31, 2008

Hawaii begins!

After years in the works (literally, over 2 years) the Morgan family made it to Hawaii, with no kids! We initially planned this trip when Joyce was battling cancer, and had the hopes of all being together there. We missed Joyce & Stu so much, but thought about them constantly, and we're sure Joyce was with us at least part of the time! It was so nice to be with Matt, my parents, brothers and sisters for nine days without any kids! I missed them so much more than I expected though. Anyway, here are the pictures from the start...sorry to bore you all with the details!

My sisters and I started off the trip a day early by getting pedicures. That's a must! It was nice to spend a little time together before we left, especially considering all the craziness it takes to get ready for a big trip.

Here we are, we had just arrived and were waiting for our rental cars. It was so blasted hot, I was totally sweaty (from the humidity of course), swollen (from the water retention) and starving...but for some reason we just kept hanging around the rental car place. Where better to be than there? It took us a few days to figure out how to function well as a group of 16. The first few days entailed a lot of standing around waiting!

We arrived Friday afternoon STARVING! It was about 9:00 PM our time so we were ready for dinner! We ate at the most beautiful place in Oahu. I loved the all the green scenery, the flowers, the smells! It was a great place to start the trip with everyone.

My sister Joan can still do the splits! She's so crazy/silly and will just be standing there one moment and then break in to the splits the next. She makes me laugh!

Chad, Joan, Mandy and Steve
This is the view we had over dinner!

This is all of us, except Matt (taking the picture) and Susan who met up with us in Kauai.

We had this inside joke going around in my family about a mustache, and who'd show up with the washboard abs and a mustache, and so Matt took it upon himself to grow one. He thankfully shaved it off the next morning! He already has the washboard abs, so the mustache completed the package. (:

Back row: Dad, Mom, Eric, Julie, Brian, Chad, Matt, Jason, Carrie, Steve and Roger
Front row: Katie, Joan, me, and Mandy

This is at the temple. We were able to do a session with everyone on Saturday morning. We were so tired though, and had just eaten a huge breakfast so a lot of us were nodding off, but it was great to be there together.

Matt took this picture on the temple grounds. I loved all the beautiful flowers everywhere.

The Polynesian Cultural Center

Carrie and Jason at the luau dinner

Eric volunteered to play the drums and dance around a little bit at the P.C.C.'s Tonga exhibit. I honestly don't remember laughing that hard in a long time. Katie (Eric's wife) has the video of it. I'd LOVE to post it if I can. It's seriously hilarious. The coolest part is, Erica can actually play the drums and could keep up with this guy so it was super fun to watch, and the crowd was super impressed (mind you 15 of the members were a little biased)

The humidity was killing me! I was so swollen by the end of the day my flip flops were hurting and my puffy feet were bulging out of them. Matt wanted me to take a picture with this guy, and he said "sorry, I'm all sweaty" and I said , "cool, so am I!" The humidity has it's good things, but I'm so glad to live in a dry state!

Here we all are at the luau dinner

It was my mom and dad's 41st wedding anniversary recently (Sept. 1st) so they went up and did a little dance along side with other anniversary celebraters, honeymooners, etc.

These pictures are actually in Kauai, so I'm getting a little ahead...

This is Roger's wife, Susan riding a wave in. She nailed just about every wave and always came right in to shore. She was a natural!

Here's Matt riding a wave in with some random kid

I think this is Joan riding a wave in. This was her first time ever boogie boarding!

Brian applying sunscreen to be sure and not burn!

My mom, Julie, Chad, Joan, Eric and Katie

Dad, Carrie, Roger, Susan

Ok, well I'll post more later!

Unexpected Weight Gain

So I've gained a lot of weight over the past several weeks. It has me a little concerned. I'm wondering how am I going to last 2 1/2 more months in these maternity clothes? They're not fitting too well these days. As I was surfing my sister's blog, I was reminded of how this gigantic spike in weight gain was accomplished...

I guess I should have layed off the "shave ice" as they call it

More Hawaii photos to come....

Pumpkin Patch

Here are some cute photos Matt's family took while we were out of town. They went to a pumpkin patch one evening, and found some great pumpkins (see the pumpkin carving photos!). They were spoiled while we were gone, and had some good quality time with Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Amy & Uncle Anthony, and of course cousins!!!

Zoo with Grandpa & Grandma

Grandpa, Katie, Emily, Issak, Amber, Parker, Skyler, and Grandma

My fabulous in-laws offered to take Amber & Parker to the zoo several weeks ago. What troopers! All the grand kids were there (six under 4)! They did have a little help though, Amy & Lisa (Matt's sisters) went along too. I stayed behind and worked. I know the kids had such a blast! Neither of them had naps that day, and they came home around 5:00! They were exhausted, but had such a great time.

Matt was out of town that week hunting, so I was so happy to have a little break. That night though, they both were SO tired so I started a bath at 6:00 for them, thinking bed was at 7:00! They both screamed from 6:00-6:30 NON STOP for no reason! They had both had it! Luckily I was full of patience since I had spent the entire day away from them, and then to our surprise Matt came home at about 7:00 (we didn't expect him for another day) which made everyone happy! Matt's hunt was a success, and he brought home a 3 point buck...those pictures & experience I'll let Matt post.

Garnder Village & Pumpkin Carving

Matt had last Monday off, so we went to Gardner Village and then carved pumpkins later that evening. It was such a fun day. I wish Matt and I were independently wealthy, and Matt were retired to we could spent every day together! Forget the wealthy part, just to be retired while the kids were young! I would want nothing more! It was such a fun day, and was so sad when Monday came and Matt returned to work. Gardner Village wasn't as fun for Matt, he was a good sport. He said the whole scene was a nightmare for him (a bunch of moms pushing strollers, all cute and done up, shopping with bags overflowing their stroller...). We still had fun though, and the kids LOVED riding the little ponies.

We went to my brother & sister-in-law's house to have a yummy chili/cornbread dinner and carve pumpkins. The kids had a blast, and so did we!

WAY Behind!

So I know it's been forever since I've posted. As I've said before, since I work from home getting on the computer is the LAST thing I want to do in my spare time. I was hoping Matt would keep up with the posting, but he just joined Facebook, so all his free time is devoted to that! Don't be surprised if he asks to be your friends...I've asked him to email all my friends so I can check up on you through that (:

So where do I begin? So much has happened in a month! I'll start with the oldest and work my way forward. This will be a daily task though, so for once you can check back daily and I'll have updates!

These pictures were taken in August I believe. We went to Payson to go horseback riding with my sister's family. The kids loved it (mostly Amber). I think she has the same love for animals I do. She shows so much compassion towards them, it's really cute. She was glued to the horse, and had a fabulous time! I went on a small "walk" with one, but since I'm pregnant I thought I'd better take it easy and not go too fast.

These are my nephews Andy & Taten

Here's Amber, and my niece Kiley

Matt and Amber, hogging the horse! J/K

This is Kiley & Emily

Here's Amber, proud and as excited as ever!