Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Matt and Parker!

Matt's birthday was over a week ago...I'm super behind. Happy 32nd Birthday Matt! We celebrated Saturday by putting bunk beds together and buying mattresses. We put Amber and Parker together and got the nursery mostly ready for her to come. We just need a crib and we're set. Parker is sharing with Amber, but is still in a crib. Putting him in a bed this soon would make me crazy. He still naps 3+ hours a day, and I know if he had a bed those would disappear! Anyway, so their room is a little crowded, but super cute. I'm so happy about the bunk beds we found. I LOVE them! We got such a good deal on them too. We just need a new rug and bedding and that room is complete. Right now it's a mix between Amber's princess bedding, and Parker's red, blue, and yellow comforter and rug. It still is cute. Thanks to Matt for being willing to get all that done. It literally took all day. Between cleaning both rooms, moving Amber in with Parker, doing about 20 loads of wash (I had to wash all the baby clothes and put them away nice and neat!) it was the longest day ever!

That night Steve and Mandy took our kids over night so Matt and I could enjoy a fun date. We went to Bonsai (a Japanese Restaurant, it's SO yummy) for dinner, then to the new James Bond movie. It was a fun date. We celebrated Sunday with Matt's family, and had them all over for dinner at our tiny little house. It made me realize we seriously can't have anyone over until we either move, or add on. Our kitchen has to be the smallest kitchen on record. It definitely wasn't made for entertaining. We had a great time though, and it was fun to celebrate at out house. Matt got a ton of new clothes for his birthday. He and I have such different tastes in clothes, but he always finds such great stuff in the end. I loved all the new clothes/shoes he got.

Monday was Parker's birthday. Matt took the day off which was so fun! We had such a fun day together. We had breakfast cake (coffee cake) in the morning, went to a movie in the early afternoon (Bolt), and then to Chuck "E" Cheese for dinner. We had such a fun day together. That night we had all our family over for cake and ice cream. When we sang to Parker, he looked a little bashful, but as soon as the song ended he didn't waste any time and blew out his candles. His face was priceless. At that moment, I realized we have a two year old. He's not a little baby anymore. I didn't even know he knew how to blow out his candles, I thought he'd need help for sure! Here are a few top memories or fun facts about Parker from his last year:

  • Knocking his front tooth out just a month after his first birthday

  • Walking up Millcreek Canyon one evening and never getting tired (Amber had to be carried after only a few short minutes)

  • One time we pulled in our driveway and Parker started crying "NO!!!" so we asked if he wanted to keep driving and he said "YES!" so we pulled back out and went around the block a couple times...I guess he wasn't ready to come home

  • When we went to get our Christmas tree a few weeks ago, he fell as he was walking in the snow and totally got white-washed, but he barely cried and wanted to keep hiking

  • Loves to eat cereal

  • saw an antelope at a friends house and said "antelope" clear as day (but he can't say something easy like bath)

  • Loves candy of all sorts, and went ballistic at Halloween

  • Is a TOTAL morning person

  • LOVES to take naps, and can be transported from car to crib without any problems!

  • Loves to sing

  • Is very stubborn

  • Loves all the Christmas lights and freaks out and yells "LIGHTS" when he sees them

  • Parker doesn't talk a lot, but one day I pulled a pot out of the cupboard and it made a loud sound, and Parker said clear as a bell "Oh My Goodness!" He hasn't repeated it since, but it made us all laugh

  • Sucks his Binky upside down

  • Loves to take drives or be out of the house

  • Loves to sleep

  • Gets new bumps and bruises daily

  • Loves Libby and all other animals