Sunday, June 28, 2009

Father's Day and such

Father's Day came and went. I had the best intentions to do a long post about my good husband Matt. Of course I'm a little behind. I have felt all day though that I need to do this. He gets the shaft from me so often (meaning I am horrible at surprising him with gifts, cards, etc. to express my appreciation for him). So I'm sorry for the cheese fest you're about to read, but it's long over due. Matt is such a good person. I love how passionate he is about enjoying life to the fullest. I remember when we were dating, we were at the point where marriage was most likely in the future. I remember praying about if this is really what I was supposed to do in my life at this point in time. I'll never forget the feelings I had of joy and excitement picturing my life with him. Now we have had our rough patches in the past, but I can say with out a doubt I am so happy, and am so lucky to be married to such a good man. We have so much fun together. The best part of our day (the kids included) is when he gets home. He has such a love for life, and such a good sense of adventure. We're gone all summer on adventures, mostly camping and fishing, but we take drives, go up the canyon, go watch Matt participate in all his bike races. It's non stop, and yes it gets exhausting at times, but I honestly love it. I wouldn't want it any other way. Matt is an amazing father as well. I tell him often I can't imagine my life with out him, and would be psycho if I were on my own. He is a total hands on dad. He is a better parent than I am. There are several times I've thought he'd be a much better stay at home dad than I am mom. Our kids are so lucky to have him as their father.

Someone I took down the river once told me he regrets the father he's been. He spent so much of his free time away from his kids-golfing, managing his business, designing and maintaining his website, and just surfing the web. He doesn't feel like he has a real relationship with his children. I felt sick for him, and his kids. This man is wealthy, and has all the toys-boat, jet skis, a second home, nice cars, etc. but I'm feeling sorry for him! I will never forget that conversation. We have total opposite lives, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. I'd so much rather have my situation. Matt comes home and doesn't stop playing with the kids until he puts them to bed. I'd be willing to bet Matt has changed as many diapers as me! We enjoy the simple things, and don't need a second home, a boat, etc. to really enjoy life. I am so blessed to have Matt as my husband. I'm grateful for the trials we've had, because it truly has made us so much more committed to each other. Thank you Matt for being such a wonderful husband and father! We all love you so much!!! Happy belated Father's Day!

So here is the "and such" section...just some quick pics of our weekend:
We had a little ward BBQ Saturday night, and Matt promised the kids we could through rocks in the river after words, so here were are.

The kids like to find the biggest rocks they can, that way they can see the biggest splash

We had also been to a birthday party earlier that evening for our little 3 year old friend Allee! Parker loved the little Mickey Mouse hat and wore them all night!

Happy Anniversary

Matt and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. It seems so strange because I feel so young still. Nine years is a long time, so it tells me we're getting old! I look at these photos and think "we were babies!" We had a great anniversary. Matt's parents took the kids (including Aubrey) for the weekend, so we were able to hang out, get stuff done around the yard and house, shop, plant our garden, go to dinner, go to a movie (that didn't get out until after midnight!) and sleep in! It was fabulous! We're so grateful for Matt's parents. What a huge sacrifice for them. Matt and I said at least three times, we HAVE to remember this gesture and do the same for our children. It was so nice to just be "a couple" for two days. We could be selfish and just take care of our needs. It's amazing how much of the day is spent worrying about others when you're a parent. It's not until they're gone you realize how often you're filling up a sippy cup, changing diapers, getting snacks, washing dishes, cleaning up messes, breaking up fights, playing games, etc.etc.etc. The list goes on and on. It was really a nice weekend, and made this anniversary an extra special one.