Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Girls Trip--North Carolina

After two flights, a 1 ½ hour drive to Dave and Ashley's, and then another 4 hour drive to Carolina Beach, we could finally say “we arrived!!” We spent the entire day swimming in the ocean and hanging out at the beach. Is there anything better than the beach, warm weather, good company, and NO responsibility? I felt like a kid again.

The first night we stayed at Dave and Ashley’s house. It couldn't be any cuter. It is in the most beautiful neighborhood. It is so charming. We stayed up until after 3:30 AM visiting and laughing. Anna slept through it all! It was a good way to start the trip. After we woke up we went running, took a drive around her neighborhood, ate some yummy lunch at a place called “Bricks” (I ate an entire pizza by myself, a HUGE pizza! Let the over eating begin!)

Brianne started this little list of funny things from the weekend…here they are (in no particular order!)

Things I have learned since being here

Jen follows the speed limit only on vacation
Trisha does not do well with multiple people giving her directions at the same time
Jill is a little fish
Jen drinks more Diet Coke than Vitamin Water
Half of us are not afraid of a little power ball action (which will be split 5 ways and is currently at 111 million)
Trisha will do ANYTHING for 5 bucks
Katy likes her closet to be checked before going to bed
Sara is afraid of spiders but not criminals
The cops still question us at 2:00 a.m.
NC has the biggest rocking chair
The downward dog is awkward on sand
That the only thing missing from Ashley’s house is the white picket fence
It is possible to consume 6000 calories in a day
That drinks taste better in wine glasses
Elevators which only hold 500 lbs are shady
Southern hospitality is real
Sleep is optional
That politics are very personal and between us we go from far right to far left
That you never grow too old for hair dye and bubble bath
Jen secretly works for the Mac counter
Trisha and Stacie continue to speak a foreign language together in the form of laughter

Best one liners of the trip
For future reference listen to the girl holding the GPS. –Rossi
Yes Sir, I knew the speed limit was 55 mph-Bri
And the journey begins! Here we are on the plane taking off...
Staying up late on the stairs at Ashley's. We were so happy to be together we didn't even bother going to the family room to sit on comfy chairs/couches.

This is Dave and Ashley's house. Cutest on the block, but all the houses are gorgeous!

First day at the beach!
Dinner in Wilmington at Sticky Fingers

More beach time!

Jen's cute toes...

Downtown historic Wilmington

This was a restaurant right off the dock in Wilmington. It was the best food ever! Many of us wanted to get some seafood our last night there and we just happened to go to this place. The food was seriously the best ever. I ate tons and could have kept going.

Doesn't this make your mouth water?!

Why don't they have these in Utah? Car's pull on through to get drinks of any kind. How nice would that be...no need to take all the kids out, just go to the brew thru!

Mrs. Anderson

Our first night there we were surrounded by cops around 2:30 AM due to a break-in next door. It freaked us out a bit, but we were comforted knowing we were surrounded by police just for a small break in.

We stayed up until at least 3:00 AM every night. I never wanted to go to bed. We were all so hyper and laughed and laughed and laughed all night!

We made sure to use the wine glasses for all our soda drinking.

Anything for $5.00-that's all I'll say.

The last night we were there, Jen did make overs on just about everyone. She is so talented and should work as a make up girl I tell you. Everyone looked AMAZING! This is the only picture I got of her work (expect for Brianne's profile shot above...that is post-Jen makeup).

We just randomly pulled over to get drinks at a gas station, and lo and behold we stumbled upon the largest rocking chair in the world (that's not the official title of it, but have you ever heard of or seen a bigger one?)
This was such a fun weekend. I had such a great time, and never wanted it to end. There were no crazy fights or controversy (maybe a few heated political debates), but just pure fun. I have such a blast with these girls and can't wait for the next adventure! I really felt like I was a kid in high school again. I had no responsibility, I ate what ever the heck I wanted, stayed up late, and laughed my head off! I miss laughing that much! These girls can get me laughing like no one else can! I was hyper 24-7! What a fun trip...

Like Mother, Like Daughter

So I'm in line to check out at the store yesterday, and I look back and see Amber picking up the latest US Magazine. I was able to get these two pictures with out her even noticing. I wonder where she learned this????

Aubrey's First Tooth!

Aubrey has two teeth! I felt her first one yesterday, and then felt the other one today! She made it all the way to 8 months! Amber and Parker got their first teeth at four months, so once again she is SO different from them! She is crawling all over the place, and continues to pull her self up on to everything. Today we had a good day. She slept in until 8:00, and took two 2-hour naps. That hasn't happened in all of her life I swear. It was a good day!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Big 30

Happy Birthday to me! I turned the big 3-0 this year. Of course it was no big deal...how can we help getting older? It is just strange to be in my 30's. I feel like I'm 25 still. Matt and I were discussing just the other day that we have entered a whole new stage. We used to look at some of our "older" friends that had three kids, drove a minivan, etc. and just thought of them as established. They had careers, not just a job. They had kids in school, not babies. We're now there. It is a weird feeling. The first time I realized it was when we were in Jackson Hole this past summer. For the first time I felt old. Here I had three kids and the whole van thing, and yet I used to live there, ran the river, etc. I looked at all the "kids" around me and thought, I used to be them! Now I'm in a whole new stage of life.

Matt made me the traditional breakfast cake for breakfast. We do this for every birthday. My mom would make it for us, so we've kept the tradition. We all love it and have no problem eating the whole cake. Amber had picked out those flowers for me, and Parker got me a Symphony Chocolate Bar (Matt told me they picked out the gifts themselves). Matt got me some much needed new clothes.

Sara and Abby had me and the kids over for lunch. The got my favorite; Cafe Rio's Pork Salad . Sara made a yummy cake dessert. They sang and everything! It was the most we've been able to chat for months. Usually when we get the kids together it's crazy and we don't get to visit at all. This time though, all the big kids played in the back while we played in the kitchen with our babies. It was so fun!
That night Matt and I went to dinner. Emily Loveland had offered to watch our kids that night. So I dropped them off and Matt and I left. We went to the Garden downtown. It was fun...great food, good conversation, beautiful views of the city. It was great. I knew Matt had something planned afterwords, but I wasn't sure what. He wouldn't tell me. We headed towards home so I started to think it was cake and ice cream with my family. We got home and I opened the door to all my family and many of our friends. It was such a fun surprise. He went to a lot of trouble. He had arranged so much all with out me knowing! I was impressed. He even had my mom come over and help clean up the house (who can leave it spotless ever? If you know how please let me know!). He had Sara buy my favorite desserts (including Pumpkin Pie!!!), in addition to decorations (her personal favorite is the antelope decor...see the first photo). He had Mandy make a yummy cake, Debbie made a yummy apple pie. It looked so cute inside, and it was fun to see so many people I love all in one room! I was almost overwhelmed because I wanted to talk to each person individually but it's hard to do that in such a short period of time. I was grateful for all who came, and had such a fun time.

Carrie and Emily
Eric, Aubrey, Matt and Alan Pohlman
Emily and me

Mandy, Cole, Abby & Oliver, and Jill
Grandpa (Lee), Grandma (Debbie), and Mom (Grammy)

Travis with Allee, Nathan, Jody, Sara and Jill with her back toward the camera. Jody made the cute cookie bouquet. She is so talented, and I swear makes the BEST sugar cookies ever!!! I was selfish and wouldn't share these that night. I've made them with her before hoping to capture her secret, but for some reason when I tried it on my own they just didn't taste as good. I don't know why! She is seriously a master. If you don't believe me, just ask her to bake you some (as long as I'm there to eat some too).
Parkie, me and Travis
Little Macy
Travis, Nathan, Jody, Sara and Macy

Grandma Deming and Aubrey

Abby, Max, Carrie holding Katelyn (Emily's baby)
Mandy with Will, Cole and Jeremy

Grandpa Deming and Matt
Carrie, Mom and Cole
Amber and me
Amber, me and Bailey
Carrie, Mom and me (and part of little Cole)

Oops, Ryan sat on a piece of pie...hard to tell with his shorts
Here's the flattened pie

A big thanks to Matt for pulling this all off and making it such a fun birthday. He is such a good husband. He was just as excited as I was when we came inside. What a cutie!