Sunday, November 29, 2009

Midway and a little more...

Last weekend I was able to spend a great weekend with some of my most favorite people in the world: my mom, Emily and her mom, Vera. What a fun time we had!!! We spent all of our time chatting, laughing, shopping, eating, and more laughing and talking! I love these three people so much. I have known Emily for as long as I can remember. We grew up together, and have stayed really close even after we graduated. Emily and I have kids the same ages and genders, so it's been fun to hang out more and more as our kids have gotten a little bigger. I can't get enough of Emily! I always have such a blast when she's around. She is so dang funny, so much fun, a GREAT listener, just an all around great person. I am so lucky to have known her all these years. She really is one of my best friends.
As I was preparing for my speech at Stacie's wedding, I spend several days reading through my journals trying to find some funny memories from my past. I have a horrible memory, so was really hoping my journals would pull through for me. Needless to say, I read over and over again about fun memories with Stacie and had a major blast from the past...but I couldn't believe how much of my journal had Emily in it! I had forgotten how close we were even as youngsters. I feel like I'm way closer to her now than I ever have been before, but I guess we had our fair share of good times growing up! It just goes to show that where you live is such a huge deal. I was lucky enough to have a neighborhood full of fun girls all my age. I want the same for Amber. All my years of girls camp and weekly activities, sports, all with my ward friends was priceless. I was so lucky to have such good girls as friends growing up.
I wish Emily and I lived next door. Our kids are already pretty good buddies, but think of the fun they could have if they were neighbors! Think of the fun Emily and I could have! Here are a few things they've enjoyed together over the past year (thanks Emily for the photos...with a broken camera luckily Emily has kept good track).

Soccer...The Golden Giraffe's this past fall

Parker and Jackson playing "kitchen" or something like that.

Bailey's Fancy Nancy Birthday party a couple weeks ago.

Swimming Lessons with "D"

Dance recital last winter/Christmas

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Aubrey is close to walking

Aubrey took her first step yesterday, and how appropriate too...she turned 10 months yesterday! I can't believe she's ready to walk though. Amber didn't walk until 13 months, and Parker about 12 months, so this is rather soon! When she walks, she is totally stiff legged, and won't bend her knees, so she has some work to do, but she's there! It's amazing!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Quick Trip to Texas

Just over three years ago, Carrie, Joan and I flew down to Texas to be with Joyce for "girls weekend" and to celebrate Joyce & Joan's birthday. We were all pregnant at the time (some more than others as you can see). We had such an amazing time. It was such a fun memory I will always cherish, and one of the many miracles that took place during Joyce's battle with cancer.

Joan just celebrated her 28th birthday a couple weeks ago, in Texas. Carrie and I were fortunate enough to go down last weekend and spend some time with Joan. We decided that from now on, we'll meet every year around this same time to celebrate Joan's birthday, and to remember our sweet sister Joyce.
We started the weekend off with a few good laughs (my doors aren't automatic...) We wished my mom (Carol) could have been there, and thought it was quite appropriate when we saw this sign:

We spent Thursday hanging out, eating lots of food, and relaxing, and laughing! Joan let Carrie and I sleep in until after 9:00 on Friday, and then made us a yummy breakfast. We then left to go get pedicures and shop!

I saw my first real mall cop on a segway. I was baffled they existed. I thought the movie Mall Cop was just a spoof.

We got some great deals while shopping, but not all stores were offering great deals...

We had to take a trip The Cheesecake Factory. Carrie, Joyce, Joan and I went to dinner there three years ago when were were out for our girls weekend. We thought it was such a coincidence that of all the places to sit in the restaurant, we ended up in the same place as before. There were a lot of moments we felt like Joyce was with us. Any time I'm around Joan, I automatically think she must be hanging around!

We spent Saturday eating, shopping more, and saw the Michael Jackson "This is it." movie. We over ate on all sorts of junk, yummy food, and crepes. What a fun memory! I love spending time with my sisters, and wish I could do more of it!

Here we are after a fun weekend of shopping. We all bought so much (for the kids of course!). Carrie and I had a really tough time fitting it all in our suitcase.

Thanks for such a great weekend Taylors! We sure LOVE being in your home, and can't wait for the next one (next time I'll be sure to bring a bigger suitcase). Oh, and just for the record, I think I gained at least 5 pounds. I honestly can't fit in to my "skinny" jeans. Thanks guys, real cool!