Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our "New" Kitchen



We just finished a little remodeling job in our kitchen. By "we" I mean Mike Rogers. He is so talented and did an awesome job updating our kitchen. We had him re-paint our cabinets and island, and put on hardware, and paint the kitchen/living room. We also knocked out a wall between our kitchen and living room to make it all one room. It opens up the house and makes it feel so much warmer and inviting, and best of all it feels BIGGER!!! It looks awesome. Thank you Mike! He is the best, and thank you Sara for sacrificing him these past three weeks! I only have one "before" photo. I wish we would have taken more, but we demoed the wall before we had a chance to take one. The "before" picture is actually taken from an old appraisal I did, so it's not even a good one, but it gives an idea.

The wall that separated the kitchen & living room was dark wood paneling, our kitchen wall was "brick red" and we had dark countertops & dark cabinets. I can't believe how much better it looks with it now white and open. It really feels like a new house. We love it!

Sara and Mike are seriously amazing. They spent so many hours working on this project. We have been in Logan the past 24 hours for family wedding. We came home to the house totally clean, decorated and completely finished! March 1st was the deadline because we're blessing Aubrey tomorrow, so Mike and Sara spent their entire day making that happen. What good friends. Our house has been in construction mode for a couple weeks now, so it's been pretty crazy, and very messy! When we walked in this evening to a clean house, Parker said "CLEAN!" He must take after me; nothing beats a clean house!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Minivan/Acadia Deliema

I am such a basket case right now. We are so done with the Jetta. I keep meaning to post a picture to prove that all three car seats actually fit in the car! It's a miracle! But each day that goes on I freak a little more. It is so tight. I can't pack anything along (our trunk no longer opens!) except a diaper bag. The kids are constantly "helping" out by poking Aubrey's eyes, mouth, putting their fingers in her mouth to calm her down, patting her head, pulling the sun visor up and down so they can be sure to see her cute face, putting the blanket over her face so she stays warm...I could go on and on. Some days I'm more patient than others, and other days I freak out and want a new car now! Why are cars so dang expensive! I would love nothing more than a totally loaded Acadia. They are the most beautiful cars!!! We went and test drove one yesterday. I am in love. I totally want it to work. The sales guy asked if we wanted to take the minivan for a spin that they had. I refused. Only because I think it realistically will be better (as far as room, storage, convenience). If I'm making a car payment, I want to love the car, not hate it! I want a 4 wheel drive car, one that can get us to the mountains, and one that can get me to my appraisals when weather is crazy. Will a van do that successfully? Why am I so anti? I have a feeling in the next few weeks we'll be the proud owners of a Honda Odyssey. Who knew I'd ever say that! Don't be surprised though if it's a piece of junk. Like I said, if I make a payment on a car, it's going to be a car I love. Otherwise, I'm paying cash for a piece that will get us to our destinations safely.

Could this be the one? They're only asking $4,900!

Newborn Photos of Aubrey

We got some cute pictures taken of Aubrey just a couple days after she was born. I'm just now getting around to posting them. My friend Emily is so talented, and did such a great job. There are about 300 photos that look awesome, but I posted only a few of my favorites. I've never done new born photos before. It was so much fun. I wish I would have thought to do it for my other kids. They change so much so quickly, so it was fun to capture her wrinkles, and her tiny little toes and all her chubs!

Here is her actual birth announcement. We'll be sending them out shortly!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What the...

This is why I can't leave Parker unattended...

Parker started it, and Matt finished it.

Parker is liking Aubrey more and more each day. He actually likes to hold her now!