Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh Parker

Really Parker? Princess shoes (or we like to call them Fancy Nancy's)? Come on now. Matt said he wouldn't go to bed without them (Parker actually called them his "glass slippers"). He is so darn cute though. I love this kid. He makes me laugh constantly. This is why he needs a brother one day, so he won't be a sissy forever.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

We Love Summer!

Summer is here!!! This means time for camping, fishing, tons of time spent with family, swimming, and last but not least, throwing rocks in the river (a personal favorite of Amber and Parker's!)

We took a drive Memorial Day to Provo River Falls in the Uintah's
We took a drive on Sunday to Antelope Island (after making a stop at the hospital to see Eric and Katie's little baby girl Lindie who was born Friday).

Summer means time to potty train! What better way than outside where I could care less if he wets his pants? So far, we're a little slow going. Parker isn't too interested. I'm not going to really push it until the end of the summer. He'll have to be ready by then! He'll almost be three! He already seems too old to be wearing a diaper to me.

He sure loves his Lightening McQueen underwear!

Summer means more picnics, and playing in the sprinklers with fun friends!

These are just a few cute pictures I took of Aubrey the other day. She is getting so big!

Wouldn't you just LOVE those lips? She has the best lips ever! I think she is so beautiful, but of course I would, what parent doesn't think they have the cutest kids ever?

Pre school Program

Amber is done with Pre school for the summer. She finished up with Mandy's about 2 months ago (Mandy had her baby about then, so they finished up early) and she finished up with Miss Dana's about two weeks ago. She loved pre school. This was a fun program too. They sang a few songs, and each took a turn telling what they loved about school (Amber loved painting). I know she also loved snack time. She looked forward to that each time!

I got there a little late and didn't have the best seat. However, my seat was perfect to stare at one of the guest's there...Mitt Romney! He came to the program to see his little grandson. I didn't dare take a picture. I regret it now! I would love to have a picture with him!

She was so excited to see me in the audience. It was fun to see her. I was such a proud parent! I couldn't stop smiling! I thought everything she did and said was adorable! She is pretty shy though. She didn't really sing a lot of the songs. She'd do the actions, but her lips wouldn't move. She gets that from me I guess. I hate more than ANYTHING to be in front of a group performing, or being in the spotlight what so ever. I honestly hate it more than anything.

Happy Birthday Amber!!!

Happy Birthday Amber! Amber is now officially 4. We have been saying she is 4 since Aubrey is born because we don't get as many strange looks when we say we have a 3 year old, 2 year old and a new born. That seems to get quite the reaction. Anyway, so now we can honestly say she's four! Amber has always acted older than she really is. I hear that from her 2 preschool teachers and her dance teachers. I feel like I take her for grated some days. She really is such a good kid. We are so lucky to have her in our family. We had a fun day on her birthday, although Matt had to work all day, so the celebrating was left to me, Parker, Aubrey and Amber. I gave her a long list of all the things she could choose from to do. A few were: go to a movie, go swimming, go to the zoo, go to Discovery Gateway, or go to the Dinosaur Museum. She chose the Dinosaur Museum. I was surprised...she is such a movie junkie, I thought for sure she'd want to go to a movie! I also told her I'd make anything in the world she wanted for dinner. What did she choose? TACOS!!! What the? Who knew she loved Taco's that much.

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for the new pink soccer ball! It's a hitI made cupcakes instead of a birthday cake for Amber this year. I am the TOTAL opposite of crafty/creative, so this was quite the ambitious task for me to take. I had so much fun, but honestly what hard work. It took forever!!!! Luckily I had three sleeping kids at once, otherwise who knows how I would have accomplished such a task.
Parker would have eaten all the cupcakes if we would have let him, he is such a candy junkie.

Here is Amber blowing out her candles.

Parker wasn't too sure about this shark. He said "Scary Mom."

The kids could spend hours digging for bones. I love this part of the museum.

Here are some of my favorite things about Amber:
She is compassionate, and is concerned about others feelings
She is such a good friend to others, including her brother Parker
She is so happy
She loves swimming and jumping on the tramp
She is such a good listener, and follows directions so well
She is a smarty and constantly surprises me with what she knows
She loves to read, and loves to learn
She has such a goofy side to her, and loves to make us laugh
She loves animals, loves to color and paint, loves to sing and dance, and LOVES to spend time with her family.
She loves her dad more than anything! She asks for him when she wakes up and wants him to tuck her in at night. They have a special bond that started from birth.
I told Amber on her birthday my experience of when I went to in labor with her. It was so fun to tell her little bits and pieces and see that she truly understood what I was saying. She loved hearing the story, so it was fun to reminisce with her. We had a fun birthday that day. I've always said 4 is my favorite age. I think at this age kids say the cutest things ever! I find myself laughing each day at the things she says. It's so fun to be at this stage. I wish it would last forever!!!

Now just a quick update on Aubrey...
Aubrey rolled over for the first time. This is a picture of us right after she rolled over.

This is her right after her first official roll over! Way to go!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Spandex

We had a short but fun weekend in Bear Lake this weekend. Matt had a bike race called "The Bear Lake Classic" that rides around Bear Lake. It's 51 miles. He finished strong! He was super sick, and has been since Thursday, so we were proud that he even wanted to go. He did awesome.

Aubrey is 4 months old today!

Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma cheering Matt on at these races is a TON easier! Amber and Parker love the quality time with their Grandparents as well. On the way home Amber was crying saying "I just want Grandpa and Grandma!"

FINISH!!! Just over two hours, way to go Matt!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Little Libby Love

Our sweet Little Libby had to be put to sleep today. She is just shy of her 5th birthday (she would have been 5 May 19th, Amber’s birthday). It has been a rough day. A rough couple weeks actually. As many or all of you know, Libby was born with many challenges, the biggest being cataracts, glaucoma and hip displaysia. She went completely blind about a year and a half ago. She’s been doing well up until about two weeks ago when she started shaking uncontrollably and was panting non-stop. She wouldn’t leave my side and had a look of terror in her face. It was so sad, and it worried me. Matt came home and took her to the vet that morning. Our vet did a full check up and couldn’t find anything wrong with her, but said she must be in a tremendous amount of pain, most likely caused by her eye pressure or her hips. He gave us some pain medicine and sent us off. We gave her the pain medicine but it wasn’t helping. She continued for the next 24 hours to pant, shake, and would cling to us. We called our vet and told him the pain meds weren’t working, so he got her on some heavy duty narcotics. We gave her the dose, and still she wouldn’t stop shaking & panting until about 24 hours later. She was doing better and went another week and a half with no incident until last night. At midnight she woke us up panting and shaking again. She was trying to jump up in bed with us, and her eyes were bulging out like she was scared to death. We gave her pain medicine again, but it never kicked in. She was a mess all night long, and so were we thinking this may be our last night with Libby. We called our vet first thing this morning and made an appointment. Matt the tremendous trooper took her in to have her put to sleep. It was so incredibly sad. I had a little chat with her before she left. I cried so hard, saying my last goodbye. I felt so bad for her. She was so miserable. I feel very peaceful about our decision today. The fact that she had a full physical including blood work that indicated she was a healthy dog other than her eyes/hips, tells me that her pain was too much. If her pain medication would have been effective, we would have gone that route, but nothing worked. She was suffering so badly. Matt and I both miss her so much. It is amazing how much our lives revolved around Libby. She truly was one of our children! Every second today I’ve thought of her. I’ve even felt like I’ve heard her going through the doggy door or down the stairs. I keep expecting to hear her whining for her food, or stomping down the stairs to come find us. We only had her for five short years, but it seems like we never have known life with out her. She really was the best dog. She never ONCE bit us, and never growled at us or the kids. The kids could climb all over her and she wouldn’t even flinch. Libby LOVED breakfast/dinner, and would scarf her food down within seconds. If Parker or Amber grabbed her food bowl mid-scarf, she wouldn’t do a thing. She never barked either. That is rare for labs! She was friendly with everyone. My sister Joan and her husband would take care of Libby occasionally when we’d leave town. Joan and Libby had a special bond. Libby LOVED Joan. She would get super excited when she’d come over. Well, after Joan moved to Texas, Libby didn’t see her obviously for a while. Joan came back to visit one week, and I’ll never forget Libby’s reaction. She of course can’t see, but smelled Joan immediately. She was searching all over the house until she found Joan. Her nose was high up in the air, trying to figure out where Joan was; meanwhile her tail was frantically wagging side to side knowing her friend was here somewhere. Anyway, we love our little Libby “Libbs” so much. We hope that she is running and playing her heart out, and can’t wait to be with her again!

Libby would get so hyper, and "scoot" around our yard. It was so fun, and would make us laugh so hard!

This is so typical of Libby, just a sweetie, and showed so much affection.

This was Libby's favorite spot-on our couch. No matter what obstacle's I'd put in her way she'd always find a way back up to the couch.

Libby LOVED taking rides with us, and looked forward to our Christmas tree adventures every winter. She'd hop through the snow and get so tired, she'd usually sleep for 24 hours straight.

Libby also loved fishing with us. She'd chase all the fish Matt would catch, and would bark like crazy when Matt caught one. She'd wait in the water, stick still so she could hear the fish when Matt would reel them in. We loved watching her swim, and she loved it too.

We'd always give Libby a bone at Christmas. I'm sure as the years go by we'll find them throughout our yard. She never finished them, she'd bury them every time.

This is Libby's best friend Timber. They played all the time together when they were puppies. We met Timber at "puppy kindergarten." They were instant friends!