Saturday, October 24, 2009

Broken Camera

So I've been out of touch because our camera broke, so it's tough to post cute pictures when you don't have any! Amber got a cute haircut. We cut it pretty short, and it looks so good!

Matt has spent several of the past few weekends hunting. He hunted deer, then elk. He was able to get one of each (good for him, but sad that we have a freezer full of deer meat now...yuck!). Anyway, Parker and Amber have been obsessed with the whole hunting thing. In their prayers they say "and bless daddy that he'll shoot a deer..." it's on their minds 24-7. So a few weeks we were playing "teacher." Parker and I were the students. Amber was trying to teach us something and Parker was being silly and wasn't listening. Amber said "fine, that's it, you're going to time out!" and she grabbed his arm and started dragging him to the corner. He went limp of course and was laughing while she literally dragged him, and he said "hey look Amber, I'm a deer!"

I guess all the hunting talk of dragging a deer and elk wore off on Parker!