Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Love Christmas!

Monday night I got together with my girlfriends from High School. There were a few who couldn't attend, but we got a great turn out! Thanks Sara for hosting. There was a little miscommunication about the dress code for the night. The only one's who got the memo were Sara and Amy (Amy is taking the picture). They were both wearing awesome Christmas sweaters. I just LOVE my cute friends and enjoy any time I can get together with them!
How sad that this is the best we could do for our Sunday photo.

I babysat my sister & brother-in-laws 4 cute kids while they were in Hawaii last week. Their youngest Andy is a total boy, and I mean through and through. He loves trucks, cars, Lightening McQueen, Buzz Lightyear, hunting, camping, basketballs, footballs, getting dirty, playing in the mud, etc. He is seriously ALL boy. So this picture HAD to be captured. I love this kid. He had me laughing all week long with all the funny things he'd say and do. This was probably one of the highlights. I was down stairs checking my email, and I hear this "clunk...clunk, clunk, ...." and next thing I see it's Andy all dressed up, heels and all. It was awesome.

This is how Amber used to sleep. Bum up in the air. So cute.

So this is the reason for my title "I Love Christmas!" I love being with family. I would hang out with family every second if I could. It's not often you get all the family together in the same room, let alone with out kids! Aaron and his wife Fitriah are in town for the holidays, so we were able to go to dinner Tuesday with NO kids! We all got babysitters! I think this is the first time we have ever done that. It was so fun to be together and celebrate Lisa's birthday, and to have a nice quiet, relaxing dinner. Thanks Demings for a fun dinner!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Parker!

Parker got his first gun! Of course it's just a fakie, but he loves it. He was speechless when he opened it. I can't believe how "boy" he is! He knew exactly what to do, and was checking through the scope, and was aiming perfectly! It was unreal! I love it! Matt loves it too.
All Parker wanted was a garbage truck for his birthday. He has been asking for the past several weeks. I thought he'd be so excited when he saw it, but truthfully, he was more excited about the gun. When Amber asked him to open his second present (the garbage truck) he said "oh, no thanks." He was perfectly content with his gun.

Second highlight of the day, blowing out the candles. Parker loves this part. It brought back memories of his 2nd birthday when he blew out the candles so quickly. It was the same tonight. The anticipation was killing him! He was right there on my lap ready to go and you could just see the excitement on his face and the more tense he'd get as the song came to an end. I love it!
Parker wanted an "ice cream cake." He chose green frosting and helped me put it all together. The funny thing is, he didn't even eat this cake. He ate the other cake his grandma brought!

Parker got a few cars from Grammy and Papa. He also got a cool "Cars" book that came with a flash light and movie projector and some birthday money from Grandpa and Grandma Deming.

We had a fun birthday for Parker today. He is such a happy guy, and had a fun day. Of course it snowed like crazy today. It always does it seems.