Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Another year goes seems so strange we are entering our third year without Joyce. This September will be three years since she passed away. We spent a great weekend at the cabin together with all the "Local" Morgans (30 of 43, not too bad!). We went straight from there to the cemetery to visit Joyce and then went to Carrie & Jason's for a BBQ. I can never get enough family time. We had a great time with many laughs, and made a few more inside jokes ("incontinence" "check out my burn" "wind fan" "in-destructible table"). There is just something about that cabin. We all love it so much and always go away with such great memories. It's so fun to see our kids now entering that phase. They re-create so many memories I have. One thing has changed though, the pond, is now called the swamp. We never looked at it as the swamp. Sure it had moss and weeds throughout and you'd never ever step foot in it, but it was always the pond! Anyway, the cabin was great. Have I said that enough? Here are a few photos from the cemetery.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hike Tonight

Tonight we took a little hike up Millcreek Canyon. It was such a great night and Matt and I wanted to get out an do something. We seriously had so much fun. Amber said "Dad, I want to do this every single day!" We agreed. There is just something about being away from it all. We collected about 50 sticks, and threw maybe 100 rocks, a couple snowballs, walked through streams, and just enjoyed a nice night. Parker was finding sticks that looked like "a sword" and "antlers." The stick that looked like a sword he stuffed down his pants and would whack trees and bushes. We made it about half way up the trail before we turned around...only because it was getting too dark. We all wanted to keep going. What a great way to spend a night together.

Preschool Graduation

Today was Amber's last day of preschool! My life as I know it has changed forever! I will now base my life around school, every day! I really enjoy preschool because it's only three days a week. Kindergarten...every day, really? Anyway, this is cute Amber right before we left for her last day. Parker and Aubrey wanted to get in the photo as well.

Amber's preschool program started off with them each telling their favorite thing about preschool. Amber's favorite thing was "The hula hoop" and "Halloween."

Amber and Spencer were lucky enough to go to school together. We love living close to cousins! They had a great year together and really looked out for one another.

We sure love Miss Dana! She is so great and made the last two years so fun for Amber. The program was so fun, and Amber for the past several weeks has kept it a secret and wouldn't tell me anything that the program was about or her part. She did a great job and learned several songs. She did "Row, Row, Row your boat" in sign language. It was really cool.

Friday, May 21, 2010

"Track Meet"

We had such a fun day today! I signed Amber and Parker up for a "track meet" that was today. I was super excited for it and got the kids all excited as well. I had no clue what to expect, but we got there and they put everyone in to three groups based off their age. The three events they participated in were: Jump, long and short run, and throwing. Parker and Amber were in different groups so I worried they wouldn't participate with out the other. They both did AWESOME though! It was seriously so dang fun and they both loved it!

Amber won first place in the long run and second in the short run. She first did the short run, and when she got second place she was pretty disappointed in herself. She said "I only want to be first." So when it was time for the long run she was totally prepared and took off. It was super cute to see her competitive side come out. I was totally competitive as well! I wanted Amber and Parker to win it all! You can't help but be a proud parent on the side lines cheering them on. I kept telling them before we even got there this was just for fun and it didn't matter if you came in first or last. I really believe that BEFORE the event and then couldn't help but get super excited and hope they won.

Parker got 3rd place on the short run and 1st place on the long run.

So the jump was Parker's first event. He was acting so shy and I didn't think there was any way he would participate, but he did! One moment he was shy and burying himself in to my hip, the next thing you know the guy yells "ready, set, go!" and Parker took off. Is this just the cutest?

After the track meet we went swimming. It was my first time taking all three kids by myself. I was pretty nervous, but all went well. No drowning! After about a half hour of wressling the three kids a lifeguard asked "do you want life jackets for them?" Typically I don't do floatation stuff hoping they'll learn how to swim on their own, but I gladly accepted them and it made the next two hours a breeze! It was a fun day, we're all exhausted but honestly what a great way to start the weekend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amber's Birthday

We celebrated Amber's 5th Birthday today. Matt had the day off, so we spent the whole day partying! We went swimming, played outside, and had family and a few friends over tonight to celebrate.

We let the kids pick what ever dinner they want for their birthday, Amber's choice: sausage, spaghetti & salad! Our kids don't really like anything so I was surprised spaghetti made it to the top of the list. Spaghetti has always been my favorite, so I was happy to make it! My little nephew Nate for his birthday chose corn, potatoes and rice. I just asked Parker what he'd choose for his birthday dinner and he said "apples."

Yummy Carrot Cake...another pick by Amber. Her first cake she asked me to make was a big round cake with stripes and polka-dots with an Ariel Barbie/Mermaid Barbie in the middle. She wanted pink and purple polka-dots. This cake sounds very similar to the cake Mandy made Amber 2 years ago for her 3rd birthday. There is no way I could get close to anything that beautiful! Luckily Amber had a piece of carrot cake last week and LOVED it, and said "mom, this is the cake I want for my birthday." I lucked out again! If I had to choose carrot cake is definitely my favorite as well, so again another great choice by Amber!

Lemon cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting. Selfishly made for me! I love cream cheese frosting...add a little lemon juice, a lemon head on top, and it is just delicious! Amber helped me decorate them this year which was fun.

Playing duck-duck-goose on the tramp.

Another one of Amber's requests was a pinata. It was so much fun! Amber chose the biggest pinata at the store, so we filled it chuck full of candy. This was the high-light of the night for everyone. I love the anticipation and the excitement. I also love the attempts to hit the pinata and get close to hitting everyone else (I think it's funny! Not if someone gets hurt but if they almost get hurt!). Matt just about got whacked at least five different times!

All Amber asked for was a mermaid barbie with a dolphin. She lucked out and got three different versions of it.

This is cute Bailey and Amber. Bailey is Amber's best friend. They play soccer together and dance together.

I love this picture! Thank you Emily for capturing all the nights events.
Amber had such a great day. She was so sweet, and knew right away that today was special. She kept saying all day "I'm the birthday girl so I can..." Fill in the blank with "go first" "choose first" "play with this" "Keep this all day long." She loves her new toys, especially the Barbies. She was counting down the minutes until she could take a bath with her new toys. As soon as her bath was over she asked if she could sleep with them. What a cutie. Amber is such a sweet heart. People tell me all the time how compassionate she is, how loving and caring she is. I feel so lucky to have such a kind child. She really is a good friend to everyone. I love this stage of life, and will be sad to have her go to Kindergarten next year. She is such a big helper to me! She keeps Parker and Aubrey entertained all day long! She is such a good listener and rarely has to be asked more than once to do anything. She enjoys playing outside on the tramp and making "mud cakes" in the sandbox. She loves to pretend and finds even a rock and a stick entertaining. She has loved soccer this year, is learning to read and has read several books to me in the past two weeks. We can't wait to go camping and fishing all summer long this summer. Happy Birthday Amber!