Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mt Olympus

Last Saturday the 24th of July, Matt and I were able to take a hike with my niece Brooke. Brooke is here visiting from Texas and wanted to do a hike while she was here. She chose Mt. Olympus. The last time I hiked the trail was my senior year of high school with Stacie. Matt and I climbed the west slabs several years ago, but it has been over 12 years since I had done the trail! It truly is a great hike with such great views.

I was amazed at how well Brooke did. She is used to sea level, and made it up to the top with out any problems and didn't need to rest at all! Her lungs were wheezing a bit at the top, but it didn't slow her down (just made her laugh!). It was such a fun morning and it reminded me so much of how much I love hiking! We don't do it enough! There is nothing better then summiting a mountain!

Seriously, look how beautiful those views are!

Matt and I have many many summit pictures together, however we look much much younger! We ran in to some other people summiting the mountain. I thought they looked familiar and one of the guys told me he went to Skyline, so I asked him when he graduated and he said 2005. WHAT?! I am seriously SEVEN YEARS OLDER than this "kid?" I thought we looked the same age (:

More Cabin Fun!

Another week at the cabin has flown by. We spent another great week at the cabin, filled with great food, great company, lots and lots of visiting, great memories, and more inside jokes (ex. "Secrets are either 1) not to be told to anyone or 2) told to some people" and "sorry about the table Roger and Susan" and "backseat drivers", and Mom getting nervous about her "acting parts" in Nauvoo).

Everyone was able to come this time, except Chad, Stu, Celia and Jake.

24 of 25 grandkids! It was the most crowded the cabin has ever been with the Vern Morgan Family there. We had a total of 39 people staying the night!

This was one of the crafts the kids made. Parker made me a few miniature dumb bells and asked me if I wanted to use them when I exercised. He had me put them in a special spot so no one else would use them when they exercised. The kids enjoyed watching us do our P90X dvd's each morning. We looked like quite the freak show (I speak for myself mostly) but the kids had a blast trying to keep up with us and show us what great shape they're in.

A typical day, consisting of dirt, dirt, more dirt, calamine lotion to cover stinging nettle, occasionally face paint or chalk, and then more dirt. Complete with bare feet, sticks, and pockets full of rocks.

Even after seven months Aubrey still adores Molly. She gives her loves multiple times a day and often lays on top of her.