Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten for Amber

We sent Amber off to Kindergarten today! She was so excited last night in anticipation for the day. She set all her clothes out along with her backpack just as I used to do. We went back to school shopping together on Saturday and I let her pick out everything. I wanted to buy her things she'd actually wear! So she wore her favorite outfit today and my guess is she'll want to wear it first every time I wash it. So far day one was good. I wish she'd tell me more (all she's said is it was good and it was someones birthday today).
She was a little nervous and wasn't too excited about meeting new friends (she told me she's shy of meeting new friends). I'm sure that will change soon. She is lucky to have her cousin Spencer in her class and a friend from church, Jaxon, and a friend Beckam from soccer, so she isn't all on her own luckily. It's fun to enter this new phase in life of school each day. I just said last week it is time to get back to school. We were getting a little bored of our routine at home.