Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goodbye Elder & Sister Morgan!

Of course this is what Parker looked like after a few brownies and lots of fun in the dirt.

It is strange how much our family will change in the next two years (not by numbers, by height and age!). Aubrey will be Parker's age! Hopefully she'll have hair by then.

Tomorrow Mom and Dad leave for 2 years to serve their LDS Mission to Nauvoo. They will first go to the MTC for a couple weeks, and then return to pack up their car and off they'll go! It has been the best day today and yesterday. I have loved having all the family around! Last night we stayed up super late just laughing and laughing.
I can't believe the time has come for them to go. I hope the 2 years goes by quickly. I will miss them so much. We moved in about five weeks ago and have loved being here (I speak mostly for myself but I don't think it's bothered Matt too much). It has been such a great month. Spending this quality time with my mom has been the absolute best. I have tried to take as many mental notes as I can of all the fun we've had together and all the memories we've made to avoid taking any moments for granted. We've made six batches of pecan logs together, we've done a ton of shopping, we've hung out 24-7 and watched fun movies. I could live with her for the rest of my life and never get tired of it (although I really don't know where she gets her energy! She goes and goes and goes!). I feel so grateful to be able to stay here and take care of their home while there gone and know they will be such a great influence to those touring through Nauvoo.
We have felt Joyce's spirit here on many occasions. The Spirit was so strong at their Sacrament Meeting today. All the siblings and grandchildren sang I'm Trying to be Like Jesus. It was really tough to get through, especially looking out to all our family and friends and ward friends who were there to support my Mom and Dad. It was a weekend full of fun and tears, all for the good. We will miss them so much, more than I can ever express but are so grateful for the example and for their willingness to serve these next 2 years. We know they'll be watched over and the entire family will be blessed while they're gone. Thanks for the good example Mom and Dad!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Parker's First Day of Preschool

Parker found a potato bug and of course wouldn't take any more pictures without it. Isn't he so cute though? So curious!

Parker was so excited to start school. He got this backpack weeks ago and is pretty much obsessed with it. It goes with us a lot of (but stays in the car luckily), Grandpa and Grandma's, rides, the store, on errands, pretty much everywhere. One day he brought it downstairs and I could tell it was packed full. I opened it up and found all his socks and underwear were packed inside. I guess he had plans to be gone a while!

I had to include this because it's just so typical. This was my first attempt to get a picture, and of course the finger heads straight for the nose!

Parker wanted to be sure his backpack made it in to the picture, so he asked me to take a picture while he turned around. Amber decided she wanted her backpack picture in it too, and then Aubrey of course soon followed.

Parker had a great first day, and is so fortunate to be able to go to his Aunt Mandy's for preschool. She is amazing (she has a website that you should all check out!). It wasn't too much of an adjustment, as he spends many hours a week there playing! It probably is more of an adjustment for Mandy to get Parker to not feel so comfortable and in a school environment rather than "at home."

Parker took the snack today, and it needed to start with the letter "P". He was give all sorts of ideas (candy, cookies, donuts...) I had to give him a little help in determining the snack, and finally he decided popcorn! He loaded his gigantic backpack full and off he went. I know he'll love this year of school.