Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad and Parker

Matt and Parker both had birthday's this week. The energy that goes in to two birthdays back to back is tough! There is a lot to do, a lot of pre-planning that needs to happen, and a lot of shopping! Matt took the day off, and spent it up in the mountains snowshoeing with Molly. I had a big Relief Society function that night, so he then took the kids out to his parents for a birthday dinner. Who better to spoil him on his birthday than his own Mom when I couldn't? I was glad he had somewhere to go and yummy food to eat.
All Parker wanted for his birthday this year was a motorcycle and another garbage truck. He got the motorcycle, but we went a different route and got him this "Rescue Hero" set that is so great! It's this huge package that comes with a fire trick, boat, helicopter, motorcycle and tons of rescue hero's (fire-fighters). It was perfect for him. He was in heaven when he opened it, and has played non-stop with it.

Parker doesn't eat much of anything. His favorite meals are mac & cheese, peanut butter and jelly, occasionally ramen, and cereal. He'd eat fruit snacks all day long if I'd let him! I seriously don't know how he survives half the time. So for his birthday I had been asking him for days what he wanted. I thought we had it figured out, he said "meatballs and noodles" so I was going for that. He changed his mind and wouldn't agree to anything! I finally showed him one of my cookbooks, and he looked at the pictures until he found "Hallowieners." It is a hot dog, with a "snake" around it. I am not a crafty mom, so this was the best I could do to replicate it. He loved it, that's all that matters! He also wanted green Jell-O and an Iron Man cake.

Here are just of the few things I LOVE about my Parkie!

  • The way he talks (talks with his hands, scrunches his noes, and speaks with a "Boston" accent, no joke)
  • He loves to snuggle
  • He prefers me to Matt (a REAL Mommy's boy)
  • Says "of course" when I ask him to do something for me
  • Is super shy around people he doesn't know well, and tries not to smile in front of them (which means he'll bury his head in to me with a huge grin on his face)
  • Parker has such a sweet disposition, and will typically share without being asked to (he is famous for saying daily, "Here you can have it."
  • His missing tooth!
  • His skinny little legs
  • His love for books and a good story
  • His excitement for school days!
  • The way he pretends (making motorcycle noises, explosion noises, crashing noises, etc.)