Thursday, February 24, 2011

Amber Lost Her First Tooth!

It was a big day today at the Deming house! Amber lost her first tooth! We've been waiting for this day for months now! It first became loose months ago when she was using her teeth to pull off her glove. She wouldn't let Matt or me go near it for all these months. We've tried and tried to just give it a little tug here and a little tug there, but honestly she flat out refused! Today it was literally dangling but again, she wouldn't let us even get close to touching it. Matt had to practically pin her down, gave one small little tug and it was out! Amber was freaking out; screaming, sweating, panting, shouting...going nuts! Matt and I were laughing because we knew there was no way it hurt! After she calmed down a little bit we hear her tell Parker "that didn't even hurt." We knew that was the truth. There is no way she even felt it. It was practically out already. I feel bad we laughed so much, but it really was pretty funny! It's a fun memory for us all! We had to Skype everyone we knew to tell them the good news. Getting Amber to sleep tonight was rough. She was asking question after question about the tooth fairy. Is it a girl? Is she small? Does she wear a backpack? Does she keep a list like Santa? Does she wear a watch? I love the curiosity!