Sunday, May 22, 2011

California/Easter 2011

CALIFORNIA!!!!!! We took a trip to California over Spring Break. We went to the beach Sunday night just to see the waves and get in the sand. The weather was a little cold, but we didn't have any plans to get in that night, so it was fine!

We went to Disneyland on Tuesday. It was SO crowded, but SO fun! Luckily Carrie had just been there the Thursday before and gave us some great tips to make it a fun day. We had such a great day, filled with lots of rides, characters, fireworks, and shows. It was the best trip to Disneyland we've ever had! Aubrey was OBSESSED with Lucky Charms on this trip and had them for breakfast every morning. She wouldn't let go of the box, so we brought it with us to Disneyland!

First ride of the day...TEACUPS!

Finding Nemo ride. It was really cool for the kids...I got a little sea sick (seriously!).

Amber driving with Uncle Aaron


Aubrey was so brave at the beach. She enjoyed playing in the waves, collecting sea shells, building sand castles, and covering herself head to toe in sand, literally.

Amber could have stayed at the beach all day long. She came home with a huge tan!
Parker and I played Frisbee to warm up. It was cold!

We went to the Children's Museum on a rainy day. The kids enjoyed all the interactive, hands on experiments. We enjoyed it too!

We tailgated at an Angels game. Thanks Aaron for the yummy dogs!

Amber & Parker's first official Major League Baseball game.

The Angels were playing Boston Red Sox, so it was a great game, however there were too many Red Sox fans giving us crap, even booing Amber & Parker when they'd cheer for the Angels. Who does that? I mean they're 4 and 5!

Aaron, Fitriah and cute little Zach.

We headed home Saturday before Easter, so we spent our last morning there having an Easter egg hunt. It was a great way to end the trip. Matt and I were stalling though, we didn't want to go home! We had such a great vacation. We did something fun every day. We go plenty of beach time, pool time, Disneyland, Children's Museum, Angel's Game, Rainforest Cafe, and visiting with family. The kids did great, considering we were out every night until past 10:00, and no naps! We just were on the go 24-7 and LOVED every minute of it!

We made it half way home and stopped in St. George. We had all had it with the car, and we really didn't want to end the vacation. So we got a hotel in St. George and celebrated Easter in the car on the way home. Carrie fed us a nice Easter meal as we drove through on the way home. Other than that, it was a pretty low-key day! The Easter Bunny managed to find the kids Easter Baskets though...

This is what our car looked like as we pulled in to our driveway, after 10+ hours in the car, with Easter Candy, Easter toys and books, and a completely filled Jelly Belly container spilled all over the floor. We're still finding those stupid jelly beans a month later!

I can't say it enough though, it was a great trip. We loved the time together, and time with our new little Nephew/Cousin Zach. We really enjoy the phase of life we're in. Our kids traveled well (for the most long as a DVD was playing), we were able to watch them play at the beach and have SO much fun! I wasn't pregnant or breastfeeding (which is a first in almost seven years!). Our kids loved Disneyland which made it so fun for us.

One night we went to dinner at The Rainforest Cafe. We've neer been there, so that was a fun first. It was great to be in a fun environment for the kids with Matt's parents and Matt's brother and his wife. While we were waiting for our table we were listening to live music outside the resturant. The weather was great, the music was great, and we enjoyed dancing around together. Amber and I were doing a little Salsa dancing. I loved it, and didn't even care I looked like a crazy person! The point is we were having a blast and it's a fun memory!