Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Aubrey!

Happy Birthday to my little baby Aubrey! Or our little Missy as we like to call her. I can't believe she is two. She seems too little to be two! We had a great day with her on Sunday. We woke up and were excited to sing Happy Birthday to her. Amber and Parker were SO excited to open presents. We came downstairs to the smell of breakfast cake, and a special place sitting for Aubrey. We immediately had to open her presents. This year, she got a little something she loves that her brother and sister already have. She got a pillow pet, new boots, a zhu-zhu pet, and a new baby Einstien DVD. All her presents were an immediate hit, and here we are a week later, and she loves them just as much! She sleeps with the pillow pet daily, wears her boots daily, and listens to her DVD/CD daily (and sleeps with her zhu-zhu pet). I'd say we nailed it with the gifts!

She has this thing with Baby Einstein. We only have two other DVD's, and the first time she watched it, she became instantly obessed. She wanted to watch them 24-7, and LOVED to carry the cases around everywhere we went. I had to have them when going to the store, the post office, the bank, car pool, friends houses, CHURCH! It was getting a little ridiculous, and kind of embarrassing.

Completely dog chewed, and almost a hazzard if you ask me. She is so stubborn and had to carry this thing around everywhere (the DVD isn't even inside!). She is a little nut.

Aubrey can talk really well, and likes to copy everything everyone says. She has the cutest listtle voice. Here are some fun facts about Aubrey:

1. She likes to pick her nose

2. She loves books

3. She won't give up the binky

4. She is already very concerned about the clothes she wears, including her pajamas

5. You loves her Dad

Ice Fishing

Matt took Amber and Parker ice fishing up to Pineview a couple weeks ago with our friends the Grimley's. The weather was so much prettier than here. They enjoyed temperatures in the 40's, and no inversion! I am so sick of this nasty inversion & cold! It has made me a little crazy this winter! They had a great time up there for several hours, but only caught a few fish. I was able to stay here with Aubrey all day and got so much accomplished! I organized every single room, put all the Christmas stuff away, took a huge load of stuff to the D.I., and threw away a couple garbage bags full of junk. I LOVE those days! When Matt got home I was in heaven, the house was totally spotless and organized, and everyone was happy! I told Matt the same endorphins he released fishing, I released cleaning! I LOVE to clean, and wish I could enjoy a clean house longer than a few minutes.

Hardware Ranch

We took our annual trip to Hardware Ranch this past weekend. We tried to get out of the nasty inversion and frigid temperatures, however it wasn't much better there! We had a great little outing and the kids of course had a blast.

We have gone to Hardware Ranch each winter over the past five years. As we waited in line for our turn, I couldn't help but observe everyone around us. I remember the time it was just Matt, me and Amber. Our first time here as a family Amber was just seven months old. It was cold and rainy. I was totally worried about her, had her totally bundled up with a big fluffy coat, gloves, hat, and had a couple blankets around her in our baby Bjorn. Now, three kids later, we didn't pack snow pants, boots, or even gloves!!! It was freezing! What were we thinking? I also couldn't help but feel my age. It seemed everyone around us was either single and on a date, or a young newlywed couple, or one small child. We seemed to be the oldest people there! I'm really having a difficult time accepting my age. I so badly want to still be 25!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas 2010

We went down to Temple Square for Christmas Eve. This is a great tradition! We get together with all the Demings, and go sledding or do something fun together, eat dinner, and then take Trax downtown to see the lights. It is fun to bundle up and go downtown near the temple and just feel the Spirit of Christmas. This year we watched the Nativity, and it was so neat! I got a little emotional picturing Mary giving birth in such humble circumstances, but then to imagine being there or hearing the choir of angles singing as His birth. It really was a cool experience, and I really enjoyed hearing the beautiful music.

After Temple Square we headed to Grandpa and Grandma Deming's to decorate cookies for Santa, and to open a few presents. We were in charge of making the sugar cookies for Santa and providing all the decorations. The cookies did NOT turn out. I swear I am the WORST at making sugar cookies! What is my deal? I don't see how it can be that hard. I follow the recipe exact each time, and it doesn't matter which recipe I follow, they NEVER turn out. So instead of star, Santa, reindeer, snowman, snowflake cookies we had several blobs. The kids didn't know the difference, and had fun loading them with all sorts of colors and frosting.

Here are eight of the nine grandkids (ten now with Aaron & Fitriah's new baby Zach!). Grandpa and Grandma always choose such cute pajama's for the grandkids. Above is Issak, Skyler, Emily, Katie, Avery, Amber, Aubrey and Parker. Brynlee was just three days old, and Zach was just born January 14th.

Christmas morning! The kids slept in until 8:00 AM! I always wake up by 7:00 at least and am counting down the seconds until the kids wake up. The rest of Christmas morning is on video, so we don't have any other pictures. The kids loved all their presents though, and had a great time opening gifts and being able to play with their new toys and books all day long! We were hosting the Morgan party at our house that evening, so we opted to stay home all day so that I could bake and prepare for the evening. All the Demings came here from brunch, and we exchanged gifts. It was so much fun! We loved hosting and really enjoyed having everyone here, and LOVED not having to get ready or drive anywhere all day! It was seriously the most enjoyable Christmas I've ever had.
Steve and Mandy Morgan
My Aunt Janice Morgan. She is the greatest Aunt ever. She supports us all in everything we do, and comes to our crazy, chaotic dinners and parties and bears it all with a smile! We have 25 grandchildren in the Morgans, so it gets a little crazy, and VERY LOUD!!! We love Janice and are so grateful for all she does for us. It was so fun to spend Christmas night with her.

Parker in one of his new costumes.

Aubrey with one of her new dolls. She is such a little Mommy and loves to play and pretend.

Here we are a few days later at the cabin. Carrie and I decided for our brother/sister gifts we'd continue the pie tradition while our parents are on their mission. So we got all the sisters a scarf, all the brothers a tie, and all the grandkids pez dispensers and candy. This is always such a highlight for the kids. We had fun doing it!

Kiley, Carrie, Taten and Jason Knapp

Chad, Joan and Emery Taylor. Chad, Joan and family drove all the way from Pittsburgh to spend all the Christmas holiday in Utah (Chad had three weeks off from school!). It was SO great to have them here. Because we're at Mom and Dad's, there was plenty of room for everyone, so we got to be with them non-stop for 2 1/2 weeks. It was seriously the highlight of Christmas for Amber, Parker, Aubrey and me (and I'm sure Matt too!). I had a sister to be with non-stop, and my kids had cousins to be with non-stop. Every night we'd put the kids down to bed and just party. We'd play games, watch movies, or just chat. It was so much fun. I never wanted the vacation to end. Best of all, Matt had the week after Christmas off, so he was in on the partying too! We spent a couple nights at the cabin as well. It was just a great Christmas memory. As rough as it could have been with out my parents, it ended up being totally fine because I had Joan as a constant play mate! I think being here in their home made it easier too, because it was like they were actually here. It's hard to explain, but it just wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be. Plus we got to Skype them, so that makes it seem like they were here.

What a fun, crazy party!

Now back to the cabin, and Aubry with her new Pez. All three Pez packets were gone within a few minutes.

So after a fun day of sledding and playing with cousins at the cabin, the kids are always so tired! I went to check on the kids a while after we had put them to bed, and Amber had fallen off the bed in to this bin! She was totally unaware! How can that be comfortable? That shows how completely exhausted the kids were!

So this was our last time at the cabin. It is now officially sold to my Aunt and Uncle. I can't believe it to be honest. I've already posted a lengthy post about it before, so there's no sense hashing it all out again, but to sum it up, I'm totally bummed. This cabin holds about 50% of my memories from my childhood vacations (the other 50%, Arizona!). We went there several times a summer, and enjoyed all sorts of memories and festivities. My Aunt Janice is compiling a history of the cabin filled with memories and pictures from all of us. I will cherish that once it's complete. I honestly love every moment I've ever spent up there and am so sad my kids have only had a short time period to experience up there. I hope we can find a way to share or summers together as cousins/aunts/uncles so our children will know and love their family as I did!