Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Parker's Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday Parker! What a little cutie he is! He was so excited on his birthday I'm surprised he slept at all. He was up shortly before 7:00 ready to open presents and eat breakfast cake. We had to wake up Dad and Aubrey to get started.
It's always fun to get the special place mat, special cup, plate and fork on your birthday.

With us expecting our 3rd girl in April, we decided it's important for Parker to have a lot of fun boy toys!

The infamous breakfast cake! I always eat way too much of it and feel sick the rest of the day ):
That night we had a birthday party for Parker. We have Will Rogers, Jackson Loveland, Parker, Kate Martinez, Jake Crowe, Nate Morgan, Will Morgan, Aubrey Deming, Connor Hardy and Max Pohlman. We didn't have a lot planned, but we played a few games, ate pizza, and had a pinata.
Thank you Mandy for again coming to the rescue. I had the craziest two days and wasn't going to be able to finish the cake in time, so Mandy stepped in and made this amazing creation!

It was a great day. When the last little friend left, I headed straight to bed! I was in bed with lights out by 8:30. I was SO tired from a crazy non-stop, action packed week. Two birthdays, two batches of pecan logs, two appraisals, helping at Parker's school, a funeral to help with (for church) was NUTS! Parker didn't fall asleep easily, and woke up at 4:00 ready to play with his new toys. We tried to get him back to bed, but at 6:00 he came in our room again. At 7:00 he finally was free to go down and play! Each day since he wakes up early and goes directly down stairs to play.

Christmas Tree-2011

Here is the Deming Family Christmas tree! We went up to East Fork of the Bear on Saturday morning and spent the day finding the perfect tree. The kids had fun sledding while we hiked around trying to find the perfect one. After many tears ("I'm tired!" "My feet hurt" "My hands are cold!" ) we got this one.

Here is the tree decorated (by the kids, not us!). It looks great though. I think it's been decorated and undecorated a dozen times. Matt and I switched up the decorations this year. We decided it was time to let the kids do their own thing, so they literally did all the decorating start to finish.

Girls Weekend-Pittsburgh

Happy 30th Birthday to Joan! I can't believe my baby sister is 30! We kept up the annual tradition of getting together to celebrate the occasion. Carrie and I took the red eye flight and got to Pittsburgh early Thursday morning. We were so tired! But it was well worth it! It gave us 3 full days of hanging out. We did a little sight seeing that day which was really fun. We got to see where Chad goes to school and where Morgan goes to school We also took a fun walk around their beautiful neighborhood. They have this incredible open area just a block away from their house that is full of trees, hills, trails, etc. It was so beautiful and fun to walk through. I can only imagine how fun it would be to take daily runs through there. We ate at Cheesecake Factory of course. Luckily my appetite was back so I enjoyed a yummy dinner!!
Happy Birthday Joan! We went to Olive Garden to eat that night, and cake home and had cake.

We got a pedicure as well. We seem to do the same things each, eat, pedicure! It's a great tradition though!

This year we splurged and got a makeover at Nordstrom. All the makeup artists were shocked that I don't wear any makeup. It was almost appalling to them! Seeing as I'm aging, and have dark circles and wrinkles, I caved and bought makeup for the first time in my life!

This is the home we THOUGHT was Great-Grandma Langsdales (Mom's Grandma). We got the address, plugged it in to our phone, and this is where it took us. If fit the description was next to a vacant field (see the photo above) had a street adjacent to it, was on a steep hill. It seemed to fit perfectly! We spent a good hour or two there walking around the property, peeking in the windows, picturing all that mom had described and explained. We texted a picture to Aunt Barbara and Mom, and quickly were told "that's not the house!" We couldn't believe it! We tried to talk them in to the fact that yes, it had to be. But after another hour, chats with the neighbors, we finally left thinking it must not be. It occurred to us maybe we had the wrong address! We checked our GPS again, and sure enough, the street wasn't right! So we put in the correct address and we were off to the other side of town! We were so excited, knowing much more about the house and it's surroundings that we thought we'd recognize it instantly. Well, we pulled up to the where the GPS led us, and again, it didn't fit the description. We drove up and down the street for a while, stopped at a couple houses we thought MAYBE could be it, but then drove away feeling bummed we never found it.

A few days later, Joan was able to get the actual address! We had it wrong a second time!! It turns out it was one of the houses we had stopped by for a split second (I didn't even get out of the car, and we didn't even get a picture!). I had to think there was a reason we didn't get to that house (maybe a mass murderer lives there!) because seriously what are the odds we'd be wrong a second time, and not stop for more than one second there?!
Breakfast cake!!!

Sleepy me! I slept every second I could!

Post makeovers at Nortstrom


Pecan Log attempt. This was my first batch in almost a year! I attempted to teach Joan. The Carmel was a little too soft! But they still tasted great.

Here I am making the fondant centers
Kneading the fondant!
We bought matching pajamas. I wasn't in the market to buy anything (being 15 weeks pregnant will do that to you!) so pajamas was about all I could handle buying.

Here we are at the airport. We ate so much while we were there, that I didn't even eat my cheesecake (this is two days later!). I took it on the plane and had a bite during our layover, but threw most of it away! When does that ever happen?

It was a great weekend. I was still a little queasy (15 weeks pregnant), VERY tired, had a terrible cough and had a sinus infection on top of all that! So I slept A TON and wasn't the best company I'm sure, but it was really fun. Joan and Chad have a really cute house. It was really fun to see where they live and where he goes to school before they move to Minneapolis in the summer.