Friday, August 17, 2012

Hailey Mae Deming 4-27-12

Only 4 months late! It's been a little is our sweet new baby girl the first few days of life...

 Still in my belly...
 Last pregnancy picture!

 Labor was a little rough.  My epidural didn't work great so I was having trouble breathing and relaxing. 
 Hailey was born just after 6:10 PM on Thursday, April 27th 2012.  She weighed 8 pounds 2 oz. and was 19 inches long.  Labor was long and rough, and I tore quite a bit.  But in the end she came safe and sound and that's all that matters!

 Shortly after she was born her eyes opened wide and she was looking at me so intently like she knew who I was.  It was such a great bonding moment!  I fell in love right away!

 The proud big sisters!

 One happy big brother!

 Even four months later they still love to hold her!  She is one loved little sister.
 Her first bath!

 Hailey is our first child to have a head of blond hair!  Enough to do a little style even!  It was really fun and unexpected to have her be a Blondy.  As soon as I saw the blond hair I felt like she was a Hailey.

 Matt wasn't feeling well the day I we went to have Hailey.  He went to the dr. the next morning and found out he had bronchitis.  What horrible timing!  He had to be very careful around Hailey and really didn't hold her much just to be safe.

 As soon as the kids came home from Grandpa & Grandma's they were all excited to hold her again and be with her.

We really felt from the beginning that Hailey looked most like Parker.  She continues to look like him more and more every day!  She has the same cute little profile and chubby cheeks!

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